I am a UI/Visual Designer based in the South West. I have over 20 year’s experience, which I have gained from working with a wide range of clients from different sectors. From commercial to NGOs, such as BMW, Nikon, and Oxfam.
I provide high quality digital applications and websites for all types of devices, working with the client and users to find the best approach for the end product. Although my focus is mainly on design, I do have technical knowledge to assist with the wider aspects of projects. I raw code sites, as well as use industry standard software. I like to work with the latest web compliant standards and deliver good UI design. I have taken on other roles within this industry, including working with print, and brand work, plus have been involved in many development projects. Working on both sides of the fence, I understand what could be the best solution for each project and can deliver within the timeframe.
I have worked with several agencies, so very experienced with an agency environment, from design to pitch to delivery. 
Core Skills
UI Design: creating visual user journeys and information architecture on complex, interactive and transactional websites, e-commerce platforms and apps, developing interactive prototypes for layouts, testing, and design. Use of Typography, colour, and style guides to create attractive user interfaces.
Web Design: including planning and designing layouts for websites and apps. Updating and maintaining websites through various CMS platforms, while creating digital content such as interactive pages, online banners, social media content and other graphical elements.
Graphic design: and visual concepts that help communicate ideas and inform audiences. Including brochures, infographics and reports.
Web Development: building websites and interactive web content to the latest standards, creating visually appealing interfaces that are easy to navigate and robust functionality, plus any other technical requirements. 
Print design: specialising in the creation of high-quality layouts and visual designs for printing.​​​​​​​
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